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Range and Motion
This yoga class is for students of all levels, no previous yoga necessary.

The focus is to bring increased awareness and attention to each students' individual range of motion and flexibility. The class goes on a journey of the body nurturing limited areas, coming off that limit safely and adding a range of motion to the limited areas. That attention to limited areas initiates warming as breath and relaxation help remove blockages. The student gains additional benefits from this self treatment in the way of an internal body and organ massage. Organs, tendons, ligaments and muscles are stimulated as a full and even supply of blood and oxygen charge these areas helping the body become efficient and balanced. This class is a wonderful compliment to ones' week as the student's learn to identify and correct physical limits in a gentle, playful and non competitive surrounding. The benefits will reduce possibilities of injury that may result from repetitive daily routine or limited body movements.

Dharma Yoga for Men
This class will incorporate cardiovascular elements, including jumping rope, the use of a unique traveling heavy bag and select yoga poses that will help build strength, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure and control weight.

This is a great opportunity for men to experience yoga--dismissing the notion that yoga is just for women. No previous experience necessary.

Dharma Yoga Level
Surya Namaskar and Shiva Namaskara with relaxation and pranayama breath work.  

Beginner and intermediate. This yoga class is the foundation for the 908 postures and counting that are recognized and created by Sri Dharma Mittra of N.Y.C. The sequence of these postures will help one to advance and develop efficiently. They are the result of Sri Dharma Mitras life work. Balance, increased strength and flexibility bring confidence that will move the student towards the next series of postures while encouraging playful inventive growth.

Dharma Yoga Level
Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa flow with relaxation and pranayama breath work.

Intermediate and advanced. Previous yoga experience is recommended. Students enjoy the rewards of their devotion and practice from the level 1 yoga class. The natural progressions from the Dharma Mittra level 1 class bridge the student's ability and confidence to intermediate and advanced postures. Fear is replaced with fun and confidence. Core strength, balance and increased control allow growth towards inversions and other advanced postures.Trust and confidence in one's self allow the substitution of the legs and feet for the arms and hands, advancing the student one step closer to true balance.The growth through meditation and breathing begin to equal physical growth. Use of the mind and body directs energy to the areas of growth, while relaxing all other areas and increases flexibility. It is easier to open a door than to knock it down.

Dharma III (Advanced Intermediate)
This much deeper and amazing Intermediate practice builds on the teachings of Dharma II, and is designed for those wishing to move forward into our progressively challenging asana practices.

Students will learn Dharma III, igniting the entire body for practice and unleashing the life force within it. With regularity, you can bring an end to weight problems and disease, attain health and stamina, and gain the opportunity to attain Self-realization. The balancing, back bending, twisting and inversion variations increase in difficulty. A special meditative head stand is introduced. This practice finishes with deep relaxation, breathing, and meditation exercises certain to bring a deep calm, sense of balance, peace, and invigorated energy to all students.

Master Practice/Dharma IV (Intermediate, Advanced & Teachers)
The practice is Dharma Level IV and V of Sri Dharma Mttra’s Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa. Dharma Yoga Registered Teachers, apprentice teachers and students, as well as teachers of all backgrounds from around the world commonly take this level of class.

Be ready for an amazingly graceful yet extremely challenging practice steeped in 50 years of Dharma's experience of the classical traditions. Dharmaji is the creator of over 300 advanced asana variations, and offers lessons in many of these unique and now popular poses of today. You will be guided through a purifying yoga nidra, and begin cultivating the mind with invaluable and profound sacred teachings on the ethical rules, yama and niyama, karma, yogic diet, ancient varied breathing practices and sound techniques. Dharma helps guide each individual to quiet the turbulent mind for peace, contentment, and realization of the divinity within you. This two hour class with a master is a hidden gem in the middle of New York City. For regular practioners and yoga teachers. Caution: do not miss out.

Yoga Class Pricing

Drop In / Single Classes – $16

Class 20 Pack – $160

Class 10 Pack – $100

Class 5 Pack – $60 (no expiration)

Yoga Unwind - GNO

Unlimited Monthly Classes – $100 (auto-renew)


Drop In / Single Classes – $14

Class 5 Pack – $50 (no expiration)

Class 10 Pack – $90

Class 20 Pack – $150

Unlimited Monthly Classes – $90 (auto renew)

Note: Auto renewal cancellation requires 30 days prior notice.


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